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We are a drug rehabilitation center which has brought changes in many lives by helping addicts to leave drugs intake and follow a healthy lifestyle. Our organization is a very reputed one in the vicinity. If you check our past records then you will be surprised to know that our success rate is more than 80 percent which makes us an exceptionally good rehab center.

Why Choose Us

We have a team of doctors, therapists, psychologists and nurses who are very well trained in their respective fields. The best part about our team is that they pay individual attention to all the patients and work on each of them with a lot of patience. Each addict is given enough of time to accept the fact that he is going through an addiction and get mentally prepared to start the program. Unless he is ready, we do not start with our program.

We have various packages for our patients which include a luxury package too with some extra facilities provided. Otherwise, there is no difference in the treatment techniques. Our packages are comparatively very reasonable and anyone can afford it easily.

Initially, when a person approaches us, our counselor conducts a session with him to understand his present mental condition and to figure out what he thinks about the whole situation and how much eagerly he wants to get out of this whole addiction scenario. Accordingly, we plan a program for the patient.

We believe each patient has a different case and thus requirements can vary for each of them. Our first principle is that we do not pressurize or force a patient to continue with our program because we believe nothing can help unless the patient himself is ready to make efforts. You must contact us if you feel that you need help right now.